The Zero Emissions Postal Service

Your Mail Collected and Delivered from 37p per Letter with No Contract

What is Velopost?

Velopost is a bicycle postal delivery service in Bristol and Bath. We collect and deliver your post within two to three days, at a highly competitive cost of 37p + VAT per item, with no hidden charges or contracts whilst also providing excellent CO2 savings for environmentally aware businesses.

We are fully fossil fuel free – your post is sorted and stamped locally – so no need for a fleet of vans to ferry your mail around! We have our own branded fully electric Nissan Leaf which we can use for larger jobs and transporting our mail from Bristol to Bath and vice-versa – otherwise, it’s all about the bike.

Our Prices

Service Small Letter Large Letter
(up to 100g)
(up to 750g)
Velopost 37p 54p 85p
Velopost National* 43p 82p -
How do we compare to Royal Mail?
Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamp 56p 76p - £1.22 £1.58 - £2.14
Royal Mail 2nd Class Franking 41p 68-96p £1.26 - £1.76

* Velopost can collect and sort all of your outbound mail, applying the Velopost rate where possible and using another carrier charged at the Velopost National Stamp rate for deliveries outside of Velopost areas where applicable. All prices shown exclude VAT. RM Prices correct as of April 2017. [Source]

“Velopost are a valued business partner and our relationship continues to grow as we expand. On top of this we are able to meet some of our corporate social responsibility by ensuring that our post is handled in the most eco-friendly, reliable method possible” - Sirona Care and Health

What Our Customers Say

Royal West of England Academy Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager of the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol is tasked with promoting the four private views a year. Her brief is to produce effective, creative communication but to keep to a strict budget. Previously mailings had been undertaken by a mailing company but the process had recently been brought in house to save money. She says ‘I had managed to save money on fulfilment but still couldn’t reduce postage costs. Then I met Velopost who said they could take a penny off the price, but would also deliver by bicycle which would offset the environmental effects of using a printed invite. We were able to use the service to cover the whole of Bath and Bristol.

What we hadn’t expected was the impact we would have by delivering our invitations this way. Some recipients even tweeted photos of their invites to say how much they liked receiving them by bike. Velopost have also designed us our own RWA stamps which is brilliant in terms of reinforcing our branding.

The Arts Council have recently stated that 30% of the industry’s communication relies on traditional print so this is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint. Given our green credentials as a City this is clearly a perfect delivery solution for any events, entertainment venue or attraction.

Edinburgh GP via Practice Index

Velopost offered the same service as 2nd class but at a much cheaper price. We have found additional benefits - the Delivery Team collect from the surgery thereby saving us from having to send someone to the Post Office. As the riders have collected from the surgery, if there are any problems with delivery, the riders will bring the letters back to us.… Velopost is easy to use! The stamps are delivered to us, we simply put the mail for the areas covered into a separate box and the Delivery Team collect them for us each day. It could not be simpler!

Sirona Care and Health Paul Adams, Finance

As an organisation we were experiencing high postage costs for the large volume of outgoing post from our business and were set the task of making savings. After a lot of research we finally began talks with CFH and began to settle upon Velopost as our preferred carrier.

Velopost worked very closely with us to ensure as smooth a transition as possible over to the new service. Even now we have regular meetings and make sure that things are going well. We have achieved savings and continue to improve on those as we expand our usage of the Docmail service for larger mail outs and continue to standardise our letter templates.

Velopost are a valued business partner and our relationship continues to grow as we expand. On top of this we are able to meet some of our corporate social responsibility by ensuring that our post is handled in the most eco-friendly, reliable method possible.

St George Health Centre Susan Fowler, Practice Manager

We have been using Velopost on a daily basis for almost a year. I use the service to post to the local area because it reduces both the cost of stamps and time spent sending post too.

Bristol GP via Practice Index

We find Velopost a convenient way to manage our mail. They are efficient - providing a timely mail collection without the added hassle of having to make it to a post office by a certain time. Velopost provide a fast response when stamps are needed and their Customer Service team are friendly and approachable.

Postbox Locations

Our postboxes are an exciting addition to our business post services, making Velopost available to single traders and the general public for the first time. The map below shows our postbox location where you can buy Velopost stamps and send your letters, all for just 49p per letter. Any letters that are destined for delivery within our own coverage areas will be delivered fossil-fuel free, by bike. Any letters outside of our coverage areas will be delivered via Royal Mail.

Tourism Office E Shed

1 Canon’s Rd,
Bristol BS1 5TX

50 Cycles

12-16 Bond Street, Stokes Croft,
Bristol BS1 3LU


15 – 19 Filwood Broadway, Bristol
Avon BS4 1JN

Summerhill Newsagents

210 Stapleton Rd,
Bristol BS5 0NX

Bike UK First Floor

Embassy House, Queen’s Ave,
Bristol BS8 1SB


What areas do you cover?

Our current coverage areas can be found here – all items within these areas are eligible for Velopost collection and delivery.

Is there a minimum number of envelopes needed?

There is no minimum requirement for using Velopost – we can collect one letter or 10,000 letters.

Is there a maximum number of envelopes we can send?

There is no maximum number of envelopes when using Velopost.

Advance notice is useful when sending large mailings, so that we are able to schedule these high volume collections in and ensure timely delivery of your items.

We can also book in our electric vehicle to make collection, where there is a high volume of items that can be more effectively collected using this method.

Are there any size restrictions?

We ask that all items collected are deliverable through a standard letterbox meaning they may be up to 20mm thick. This is because we are an addressed letter delivery company first and foremost and do not specialise in delivery of larger items.

Are there any weight restrictions?

The following weight restrictions apply:

  • Small letter stamp is for use on C5/DL envelopes weighing up to 100g
  • Large letter stamp is for use on C4 envelopes weighing up to 100g
  • Packet stamp is for items up to 750g

Do you offer corporate pricing or volume discounts?

Discounted rates are available on request for volumes in excess of 15,000 per annum. Please contact us for further details.

We are a Bristol based business – can we send items to Bath?

Our sites work together and we can collect items from one site and deliver them from another without delay. We operate an electric vehicle between the Bristol and Bath sites which transports mail twice per day.

How can I arrange a collection?

Collections of Velopost can be arranged by calling 01761 410186 or e-mailing We can make collections on an ‘ad-hoc’ basis with 24 hours notice, or we can collect on a regular schedule (ie. once a week, or every Mon-Wed-Fri). All collections are free – regardless of volume – so you can have as many or as little as you need.

How do I pay for stamps?

Stamps are ordered over the phone or by e-mail and can be paid for by monthly invoice, or calling us and making payment by credit or debit card using our secure processing system.

What about letters addressed outside of Velopost's coverage?

We will send any items that we collect that are addressed for areas outside of our coverage using the Royal Mail 2nd Class service.

Do you have any vacancies for cyclists?

While we don’t advertise vacancies, we do take in CVs and covering letters via email at to keep on file – we will then get in touch when a position opens.

Contact Us

Head Office

St Peter’s Park
Wells Road
Radstock, BA3 3UP

Tel: 01761 410186

Bristol Delivery Office

Unit 9, Berkeley Court Business Park
Lawrence Hill
Bristol, BS5 0BX

Bath Delivery Office

13 Chelsea Road,

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In case of complaint

We take all complaints seriously and will rigorously investigate all reports of delayed or disturbed mail. If you have a complaint, please follow the steps in our complaints procedure document.

About CFH Docmail Ltd

Formed in 1977, CFH Docmail Ltd turns over £45m per annum and has been involved in secure print and mail over most of that period, building up a solid reputation for security, integrity and innovation within the industry. This experience has lead us to create and expand the successful hybrid mail brand Docmail, allowing anyone to benefit from low cost, secure print and mail, no matter how many items they send.

CFH Docmail founded the Toptree Initiative in 1997 which has been responsible for the planting of over 100,000 deciduous trees in the UK to date.

Velopost began life as Docmail Local Post in late 2011, delivering letters as a division of CFH Docmail.

The service was conceived as part of an extensive program to boost the company's environmental performance, including the installation of solar panels, LED lighting, and other energy saving schemes.

Velopost was founded as a clean postal alternative for CFH Docmail's customer base and, in recent years, has grown into a fully fledged postal alternative for businesses and organisations in Bristol and Bath.